BlueStamp Engineering

Jessie is currently working as the NYC Director of BlueStamp Engineering, a 6 week long summer program where students get to choose individual projects to build from scratch. BlueStamp has been around NYC for 8 years and is all about student-led independent and creative learning with the goal of inspiring kids to embrace the field of engineering.

Each student chooses a different project to build. Projects range from along the spectrum of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering to Computer Science. Students have built everything from Mind Controlled RC Cars, Omni-directional Robots, and Ball Tracking Systems with Computer Vision to Voice Controlled Robots, Smart Gardens, Alexa Skills for Home Automation, and CNC Machines!

The Director of BlueStamp begins work early in the year in order to prepare for the six-week summer program. Pre-program director duties involve outreach to schools and partner organizations in the area in order to reach potential students. Presentations are done at schools to demo example projects and answer questions about the unique program. When students apply, they are taken through an extensive application process involving review of a multi-page application and an in-person interview. They oversee the scholarship award process and advocate for students who are deserving of financial aid. The Director also interviews potential staff and builds a balanced team of several instructors with complementary engineering skills under the leadership of a Lead Instructor to create a 3:1 student:staff ratio. The Director oversees the project selection process and inventory in order for all materials to be ready at the start of the program.

During the program, the Director oversees all day-to-day operations and ensures the success of every student. Every day students hit self-defined project milestones and create documentation for their portfolio websites. The Director also organizes the guests, end of program Demo Nights, program organization, student safety, and part inventory.

Why BlueStamp?

  • Student Motivation

    Each student (ages 13-18) selects a project he/she is passionate about which they keep, instilling a love for engineering. Each student creates their own webpage on the BlueStamp website, a source of documentation they can later use to showcase personal achievements to colleges and employers.
  • New Experience

    Students learn what it’s like to complete a real engineering project before attending college. Projects, tools, and equipment are similar to those used by universities and engineering companies. All projects involve the complete design cycle, with all the challenges, pitfalls, and rewards. Students can use program to prepare for technical clubs in high school/college.
  • Future Insight

    Students find failure to be a stepping stone, not an end destination. Students hear from professionals to understand the many career options that exist for engineers and entrepreneurs. Students gain an understanding of the daily tasks a design engineer faces.